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Largest community of travelers in morocco , inspiring stories , pictures , tricks & tips to hike inside morocco .
“ Travelling and hicking was a Passion before the startof moroccan travelers project; we were friends that shared the same passion, by time we decided to share that passion and spread the love between people, specially the moroccan youths and it was a succes. Many people started the experience thanks to our community, we inspired many of them to have their first time and cross the line of their comfort zone & live the adventure. We oganised and still do many events, magic ones with social benefits to the village residents., Our community is gettin bigger and our dream too.
for more details, check out their Facebook page under the name “Moroccan Travellers” and “Eurika Adventures”.
this logo will be used as a brand that would be printed onto T-shirts - shirts - and all startup stationary.


I made a custom Calligraphy based on a real Calligraphic font that I think will enhance their professionalism.
you can easily read the title Eurika at the beginning but then you realise there is also a subtitle Adventures that made with a different font which may chock you as a non-designer reader .
The words that instructed this design were:
Adventurous + Authentic
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