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I tried to design a letter djim in Arabic in a swirly modern way for a logo of some of my friends, which he didn’t like, I why not sharing it with designers up there to benefit from.

Feel free to download, edit, redesign this vector logo with your own ideas/colours or use it in your personal and commercial projects.

pay ONLY if you want to customise!

    •    (letter name): IPA(key): /d͡ʒiːm/
    •    (phoneme): IPA(key): /d͡ʒ/
    •    It has many standard pronunciations in Modern Standard Arabic, which can also reflect the pronunciation in national varieties of Arabic:
    ◦    IPA(key): [d͡ʒ] in most of the Arabian Peninsula and in Algeria. Also in west Asia where it can be reduced to [ʒ];
    ◦    IPA(key): [ʒ] in most of the Levant and most of north Africa;
    ◦    IPA(key): [ɡ] in Egypt and west Yemen;
    ◦    IPA(key): [ɟ] in Sudan (with allophones) and south Yemen, and most likely in Classical Arabic.
When reciting the Quran, it is customarily pronounced as [d͡ʒ].
ج / جـ / ـجـ / ـج‎ • (jīm)
    1.    The fifth letter of the Arabic alphabet. Its name is جِيم‎ (jīm), and is preceded by ث‎ (ṯ) and followed by ح‎ (ḥ).
ج / جـ / ـجـ / ـج‎ • (jīm)
    1.    The third letter in traditional abjad order, which is used in place of numerals for list numbering (abjad numerals). It is preceded by ب‎ (b) and followed by د‎ (d). (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D8%AC)
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