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The national collective of experts WSC brings together profiles from different professional horizons and aims to support local actors in view of an integrated, sustainable and economically viable development of their territory.
Beyond the "Sustainable Village of the Aits", the conviction of the WSC Collective is that THE CREATED MODELS HAVE A VOCATION TO BE DUPLICATED THROUGHOUT THE KINGDOM. Its mission is also to serve as a relay for this duplication.

Our Vision: To become a reference player in the development of rural and peri-urban areas in Morocco and Africa.
Our Mission: To support local actors in the creation of sustainable development models.
N0s Values:

    •         Preserve DIGNITY
    •         Get anchored to better BUILD
    •         Build ENSEMBLE

Source :

the phrase Loghatona Al Muwatana is translated into We Speak Citizenship.

this logo will be used as a brand that would be used in their Facebook page and website


I was given a Calligraphic art piece to simulate, which I did using PaintBrush Tool on Illustrator, without any kinda Graphic Tabs that some Typography / Calligraphy artists normally do.
This is such a piece of art because I made it from scratch not like some of my creations, no real font, just pure hand work.
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