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Alphacoiff is a modern male barber shop based in Morocco. you can read in the subtitle the french phrase Coiffeur professionel which is the equivalent of Professional Barbershop.
Note: this logo hasn’t been used by the client saying that it doesn’t fit in his personality, because it was inspired by new trends in designing logos, especially those of barber shops , hairdressers’ saloons.


starting by sketching on a sketchbook, I came up with many ideas; that I narrowed down later on on the same paper.
 it is a real font based Typography that I twisted to make it fit my needs, it is modern and elegant Typography inspired from the nowadays barber shops’ saloons.
The words that instructed this design were:
elegant + modern
AlphaCoiff Barber Shop Logo AlphaCoiff Barber Shop Logo Reviewed by Hassan Designz on August 01, 2019 Rating: 5

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