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This concept was for a contest organized by a well known online blogger of News, Politics, Culture and more.., hundreds of participants all around the Arab World and the globe as well were putting their efforts to try to come up with a nice and clean logo for the website / blogger. I saw the announcement on a Facebook page then I decided why not participate and enlarge my knowledge as well as my Logo design skills.

What I did here, I took the original Typographic logo into illustrator turned it into vector then tried to stimulate the word Al Arabi with ANA which means 'I am' with the same style of Typography so that we someone looks at the outcome won't tell that it was  lately added to the first original word 'Al Arabi'

I chose to show only the black an white version with no mock-up or colouring options to make it very clear to the eye of my viewers and understand the concept as a whole.

If you want to know about the concept chosen go ahead and visit their WEBSITE.
Ana laarabi Logo Ana laarabi Logo Reviewed by Hassan Designz on August 26, 2019 Rating: 5

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