Chabibat Lorjan Soccer team Logo



This sports logo was made for free for some friend because he needed one and because he’s the head of a local association of sports, mainly soccer.
You can read the Arabic phrase Al jamaaya Arriyadiyah li Chabibat Al orjan which is litterally translated as AL Orjan  Youth Association.
this logo will be used as a brand that would be printed onto T-shirts - shirts - mugs and all association stationary.

I used three main symbols; the shield that expresses a team- leadership .. and the olive leafs because this village is well know with its high quality olives and olive oil, then the Moroccan authentic Type that is used in a lot of Moroccan logos.
I designed the logo in three perspectives which I always do to let the client see the difference so that they can choose only one.
The words that instructed this design were:
authentic + simple + soccer

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