Eid Bundle Free Download ( vectors + Psds )

The spirit of Eid ul Adha ( Sacrifice Celebration Day) affects me as a Moslem designer, therefore i made a decision to arrange a giveaway that contains those fantastic items for artists out there as well as ordinary people.
As you see within the preview pic, this bundle consists of eight impressive designs; there're half dozen craft  / freehand Eid greetings and 2 image versions  - created with Photoshop - I created earlier last year to sell on Shutterstock, now i'm giving them for Free!

You can use the styles in your social media posts if you are a community manager or in Charity Posters / Flyers as well.
I kindly request {to mention|to say} me / visit my social media that i'm providing all links in a separate Txt file.

You don't need to pay unless you wish me to customizing them for you.

NB: you may notice some awe-inspiring color themes also in the Ai file.


Eid Bundle Free Download ( vectors + Psds ) Eid Bundle Free Download ( vectors + Psds ) Reviewed by Hassan Designz on August 08, 2019 Rating: 5

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