Eid Bundle Vector - Free Dropbox Download

This is a preview of what you're getting.

The spirit of Eid ( Sacrifice Celebration Day) affects me as a Moslem designer, therefore I made a decision to arrange a giveaway that contains those fantastic items for artists out there as well as ordinary people.

As you see within the preview pic, this bundle consists of six impressive designs; there're half dozen craft  / freehand Eid greetings and three excellent flat

colour palettes created with love, those were created earlier last year to sell on Shutterstock, now I'm giving them for Free!
You can use the styles in your social media posts if you are a community manager or in Charity Posters / Flyers as well.

I kindly request {to mention|to say} me / visit my social media that I'm providing all links in a separate Txt file.

You are invited to check out my Behance presentation of the same project so as to learn more about Behance previews in general.

You don't need to pay unless you wish me to customize them for you.

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Eid Bundle Vector - Free Dropbox Download Eid Bundle Vector - Free Dropbox Download Reviewed by Hassan Designz on August 08, 2019 Rating: 5

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