L’étincelle Events Logo

L’étincelle is a french word that you can translate into “torch” “spark” in English, it is an event planner brand that uses the world’s ubiquitous, smart, loved plannings for your events like marriages, parties ..
I was asked to make a Calligraphic/Typographic logo, I have been given some exapmles for the sake of inspiration.
I came up with this piece after a long process of sketching on paper using a Calligraphic pen.I used two contradictory yet attractive fonts; a Calligraphic font and an authentic serif font to make the reader think of what the company does.
I designed two colour versions; one with red and black, the other is yellowish golden and kinda blue colour.
 The words that instructed this design were:
minimal - clean - simple (but bold) - Authentic but atrractive.
L’étincelle Events Logo L’étincelle Events Logo Reviewed by Hassan Designz on August 01, 2019 Rating: 5

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