Qafilatul Amal NGO Logo


Qafila is and Arabic word that  is literally translated into ‘ the convoy” - Al amal is hope in Arabic; the whole phrase says The Convoy of Hope. it is a name given to a campaign organised by an NGO here in Morocco, it aimed at giving out food, clothes..etc to those in need in the deserted areas.


after spending hours thinking of the right design concept, I came up with this iconic Typography that CANNOT be found elsewhere!
The piece looks more authentic yet Modern in a sense that keeps its originality, almost the same idea was used in some beautiful piece in the previous eras
 it is a real font based Typography that looks stunning in different print materials like badges and t’shirts, you can easily adopt it into different places.
The words that instructed this design were:
authentic + modern + iconic

Qafilatul Amal NGO Logo Qafilatul Amal NGO Logo Reviewed by Hassan Designz on August 01, 2019 Rating: 5

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