Sami Yusuf Brand

Sami Yusuf Branding

starting with the original font Ayman 15 to the final design of the latest song of his,using Ai to modify the Typography of the original font because it's a lot more easier and flexible than Photoshop.

I saw many of Sami’s Albums/Singles and I am so upset cuz I like him;the designs of his are pretty bad and modest so I would like to make it a little artistic.

As a designer I took the initiative and designed a brand for him,instead of the signature he uses in all his songs because I guess it's too simple to be implemented with some famous guy like him..
I think this could be used as a personal brand for a public figure like Sami?
Sami Yusuf Brand Sami Yusuf Brand Reviewed by Hassan Designz on September 22, 2019 Rating: 5

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