What is Typography?

↪  To define the term Typography we need to consider two main aspects:
  • Typography as a technique,
  • Typography as an art.  
Typography as a technique means to use prefabricated letters—also called movable type—and to arrange them to display text and other visual elements. These prefabricated letters come from sets of letters we call fonts.

The technique of Typography can be distinguished from Calligraphy and lettering—where in both cases—no prefabricated letters are being used. Calligraphy means to write letters in an artistic way and lettering means to create letter forms for one specific design through other techniques such as drawing. But not everyone who writes is a Calligrapher and in the same way, not everyone who uses prefabricated letters is a Typographer.

If we talk about Typography, we might not only mean the technique alone, but also the craft and art of it.

The skilled arrangement of letters in ways to make them convey a certain mood or meaning; to make them appealing, legible and things like that.

That is the art of Typography and depending on the context this can also be an important part of the definition of the term Typography.

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