best font style for website

 When it comes to using fonts for your website, think of it like hanging artwork in your house.
Or putting mascara on your lashes.

  Fonts should make a statement and have a purpose. In fact, fonts have personality! Whether it’s a standard font, which could represent an informative and educational tone, a creative and loopy font, which sets a whimsical and romantic vibe, or a mix and match of everything It’s definitely not a detail you want to overlook.

  In fact, it’s one of the most important accessories on your website. How to find the right font is the hard part, And there are rules to fonts too. That’s right, more rules! But, don’t worry, they're basic.

  And it’s your lucky day! There is no easy button for choosing the right font It’s like watching cat videos and makeup tutorials. It’s addicting. But, it’s important to focus and think about your brand.
  • Do you want a bold website with large, colourful fonts?
  • A classic, traditional feel using more recognizable fonts?
  • Or something unique, but still professional?
  Here’s what we suggest. that’s recognizable throughout your site; There is something to say about a classic font like Although they’re all widely used, they remain popular — because people are comfortable with them and they’re all easy to read.

  However, step outside your comfort zone a little bit. There are hundreds of basic fonts out there that aren’t so widely used like I can go on forever. But, the important thing is to be consistent.

  And branding materials Just because there are a million fonts doesn’t mean you should choose ones that look nothing like your brand. You still want everything to be cohesive.

  So, this is not the time to be impulsive. Create a vision board of all the fonts you love. Then, narrow them down to three or four fonts that accentuate your business and branding materials. If you choose a classic font, mix it up a little with a modern or creative font as the headline or in the sidebar to emphasize the body of your content.

  Even if you pair traditional fonts together, mixing things up is always worth the risk. Plus, it’s the perfect accessory to a rather boring website page. Here are the top 4 rules when using fonts on your website:
  • Make sure you choose fonts that complement each other 
  • Make sure your body and headline are compatible.
  • Make sure things are lined up nicely.
  • Make sure the fonts you choose are legible and clear.
So that's it, I hope you learned something.

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