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Not all Snapchat users square measure happy regarding the daring, cover version of the ghost, however, there’s a decent reason for the change—and it hints at the long run of technical school disapproval.

When I opened my phone in the week, Snapchat’s new icon nearly hit me in the face. Suddenly, Snapchat’s cute ghost brand was encircled by a resolutely daring line that feels too thick for comfort, a minimum of initially look.

I wasn’t alone. several users aren’t happy regarding the amendment, that unrolled earlier in the week, and took to Twitter to specific their feelings—as is typical once firms build changes to their logos.

There is a sensible reason for the amendment. Snap says the daring line makes the app’s brand additional visible and crowd-pleasing. And it definitely worked on me: currently, any time I open up my phone, my eyes square measure drawn to it thick daring define like flies to lightweight, partly as a result of it’s therefore totally different from the skinny lines we’re acquainted with in contemporary disapproval.

Still, some users square measure threatening to delete the app over it, or a minimum of hide it away in an exceedingly folder so that they don’t have to be compelled to verify it. Tellingly, one user represented, however, it didn’t “match” the opposite apps on their phone. Indeed, thinness has become a style standard—largely due to Apple and its obsession with clean, skinny art movement. Across the net, lighter line weights became related to the technical school firms, likewise as clean, clear, user-centred design—chunky lines appear as if Comic Sans compared to the current sleek aesthetic. If you scroll through your phone and appearance at app icons, you’d be troubled to search out several apps that embrace the type of thick line that Snap has with its new brand.

But that’s additionally precisely what helps Snap—and the few different firms daring to manoeuvre on the far side the minimalist brand paradigm—stand out. The refined shift is smart inside the context of the company’s latest unharness, Spectacles three, that isn’t regarding pleasing the plenty, however, is marketed instead to the artistic, fashion-forward, early adopters of the planet. Amid the clean lines and art movement, Snap is daring and not afraid to point out it.
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