10 stunning graphic design trends for 2020


Staying up so far on graphic design trends is crucial for graphic designers and business owners alike. With the dawn of a brand new decade upon us, it’s clear graphic design is also poised to achieve new heights. In 2020 we’ll see futurism coming into play with cyberpunk colour schemes and dystopian details. Designers will still refine and reinvent animation techniques while experimenting with new sorts of data visualizations. Trends of the past will resurface with newfound energy and contemporary twists. It’s bound to be a year of boundary-breaking in graphic design, and that we can’t wait to check what the designers of the globe come up with!

2020 will feature brighter & bolder colors than ever before! As the value of design rises, brands are going crazier and wackier than ever with colors to attempt to stand out from the crowd.
Ryan Hayward, designer & founder of pitchproof

The biggest graphic design trends 2020 are:
  1. Cyberpunk color schemes
  2. Street art styles
  3. Ultra thin geometry
  4. Paper cut-out collages
  5. Hand lettering with big personality
  6. Dystopian aesthetic
  7. Hyper-pastiche
  8. Continuous animation sequences
  9. Bevels and chisels
  10. Live data visualization
Find out more cool stuff about the trends above here: https://bit.ly/2NGRQwi
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