Great ideas deserve bold brands

Great ideas deserve bold brands.
 If starting a business, building a brand and managing a successful organization was easy, then everyone would get it on. But being an entrepreneur takes chutzpah, fortitude, and sometimes, when the stakes are high and therefore the future is less than certain, it takes (sorry ladies) brass balls.
 Naturally eager to mitigate risk, some organizations make the error of playing it safe, following the competition and blending in. Or worse, trying to be something they’re not.
 You don’t need to be loud or weird to face out. Just being your true authentic self is bold in and of itself. Who are you? What does your brand stand for? Who is your customer? Successful brands meet at the intersection of who you're and what the customer wants.
 People are hungry for nice products, memorable experiences and inspirational brands that move them, that align with who they're. Life is just too short to be average, to require the well-worn path, to not just dream, but to understand those dreams, to really live and gamble, explore and do the undoable.
Fortune favors the bold brands
 We as consumers choose brands that are considered “appropriate” for our self-image all the time. Not just to say luxurious status except for how to precise our identity. Am I a Harley Davidson or a KTM guy? Am I an iPhone or a Samsung girl? We roll in the hay all the time because during a way it tells everyone a touch bit about who we are and what we aspire to be. As a result, we pursue brands as a life-style “beacon” to stand out against the remainder of society.
 After the 2018 election, we've accepted that cultural riffs are just apart of who we are now. Controversy and disagreements with friends, family, and associates are the new norms, no matter what side we are on. This has presented brands a replacement opportunity to be bold and draw real or fictitious lines within the sand and ask their customers to require a stand with them. this will be as topical and extreme as backing an athlete like Colin Kaepernick or as simple as choosing organic as against processed ingredients in your hamburger.
What Makes a bold brand?
 When brands plan to make a bold statement, they first got to find an enemy. By that I mean, people have a natural tendency to compete. they need an opponent to match themselves and ideals too. we'd like Luke Skywalker to possess Darth Vader. we'd like Ford to possess Chevy. These sorts of rivalries help consumers find out where they stand and which side they’re on.
 This type of selling is often very powerful in getting people to take a position within the brand emotionally because it forces them to settle on and obtain behind their option to fight back against the opposition (The Mac vs. PC campaign may be a great example). However, you don’t need to find an enemy in one among your competitors, you'll also find an idea or movement to rival for or against. Below are some samples of fortune favouring the bold in recent advertisements.
Examples of the bold brands, Respectively:
  1. Gilette
  2. Aero Mexico
  3. Burger King

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