Almoravides High school - professional branding and logo design

Very little is known about this wide institute; during my online research I found almost zero useful article/ info/ pictures, this was actually my first urge to write this humble article about Almoravides high school.

Almoravids high-school is the biggest high-school in Boulmane Province, located within the city of Outat El Haj & Considered one among the distinguished and ancient institutions of this beautiful city.

Almoravides highschool is one among the popular High Schools located in Qarti region, Outat el Haj & listed under biggest school within the city.

Now, I'm feeling emotional & pretty nostalgic writing for the first time about this legendary high-school, I personally studied in there for five years - which are always in my mind - & they were my favs, especially my first year of learning English, at the grade 9 of the middle levels, teachers, students also were such a lot nicer and willing to assist those in need even outside school.

At first, my very concern was just to create a logo ( both Arabic & English version) and a minimalistic stamp but once I started researching I didn’t find that much of information that‘ll help me at least cover some facts about the high-school itself, which I am doing next.

Speaking of the design; I tried converting the building into a somewhat simplified vector which will fit into every print / digital purposes, the colours chosen were there for a reason; I had chosen colours of the region, from the sandy colour to the blue tone of the sky of Outat EL Haj that's always bright and blue, the colour codes are as follows:

  • Sand color : #daa15b


  • Blue turquoise: #64cff2


  • Black-ish colour: #000000

I made two versions as well; an English version with modern, yet minimal font Helvetica Neue (Condensed Black) and FranklinGothic (book). Basically, the stress was on the name ALMORAVIES to make it provokes the readers to examine its meaning,  beneath it; I put the function of the name which is clearly a high school!

The three stars were added to point out how special, unique & legendary was this high-school to the quality of education that was given at that era & to every generation that studied up there.

The Arabic version was special also because I used a fairly traditional, authentic and a pretty timeworn font, it’s called AALMAGHRIBI, which is usually used in Quran transcript and/or holly documents of Islam.

I kept the English subtitle and stars as well.

I also designed a stamp to use in altogether print documents of the administration, or the teachers’ handouts and sheets. It’s a circular stamp with the vector of the Almoravides within the middle. I used similar black colours used before to make it easy to apply on Word - Powerpoint - Keynotes documents and presentations.

If you like my work/article, please go ahead and share on social media platforms and website & don’t forget to mention the source.

Thank you
Almoravides High school - professional branding and logo design Almoravides High school - professional branding and logo design Reviewed by Hassan Designz on April 08, 2020 Rating: 5

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  1. I wanted to do something for my High School since I never liked their logo, in the research process I found this. I must say I got inspired by this project, the article is an eye opener; I realized my school has no written articles online and I can do that, I would also need to design a stamp(very important). Thank you for the article and keep doing good


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