ramadan 2021 is pretty special this year as the 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) still on, I put between your hands ramadan 2021 Typography kit

The last week of April will mark another important religious event – this time for Muslims: the holy month of Ramadan which can bring close to two billion people around the world together in fasting, prayer, and charitable works, despite this pandemic.

Ramadan this year is way too special, with the quarantine going on; you’ll find plenty of time to be more devoted to good deeds and worshipping. We have enough time for ourselves; I found more spare time to make such a great work.

Ramadan comes with joy and happiness, that’s the reason why I made these awesome pieces of art, they’re a mix between Freehand & Calligraphy / Typography design starting from the Magribi Assil font that was made even better with the Islamic geometrical shape behind, and the Typographical Calligraphy - if I would say - that’s based on a real authentic font but a lot has been modified in order to make it more modern and appealing to the eye of people in general & artists in particular.

Basically, these guys were real font but I had gone crazy with making them in such a way that’ll fit the designers’ need to post wherever they wish And change the colours if they like or just keep them as they’re.

Indeed, it wasn’t that easy making these beasts, I had many struggles when choosing the right font to work with, because when it comes to finding the one to start with it’s pretty complex, as far as Typography’s concerned; it’s harder to modify / kern a real font than coming up with a font from scratch, so obviously the struggle is huge but it worth it.

Furthermore, colour choice WAS and IS a big issue when you want to implement it to a design in general, a Typographic artwork particularly because Islamic art has something special within it. You are not going to choose colours that might not help the reader understands the meaning of a piece especially those who do not speak Arabic, so I tried to apply a somewhat golden colour palette that you can clearly notice in most of the arts I made.

I am pretty happy with what I came up with, I spent fearly enough time on these guys either on making them or choosing the colour palette I’d work with. So, I like them so much in that I am giving them FOR FREE! 

You are getting the following:
  • EPS
  • AI

If you enjoyed them, please make sure you mention the original artist, that’ll just help me through to get something of it.

RAMADAN TYPOGRAPHY FREE DOWNLOAD 2021 RAMADAN TYPOGRAPHY FREE DOWNLOAD 2021 Reviewed by Hassan Designz on April 20, 2020 Rating: 5

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