Corona Virus Effect on Graphic Design Industry, Covid 19 vs Economy

Corona Virus Effect on Graphic Design Industry, COVID 19 vs Economy.

In this Corona vs Designers & Corona Vs economy special edition, I’m going to talk about the current situation of all graphic designers and COVID 19 effects on the economy.

there's a lot of noise going around right now everybody's talking about the quarantine, how to be productive during this Pandemic. all that stuff we're gonna have only good vibes on the air,  I got a really awesome article for you all.

I really want to bring in good vibes today, and we're gonna talk about what we can do not what we can't do, just bare with me.

I know some of you have been starting to feel that the change in the economy has started taking place if you're a freelancer; I have a lot of freelancer friends, so it's kind of divided between people who are getting more work than ever, some agencies are now becoming too expensive, or they can't do the work because they're not familiar with working from home, and the other part of freelancers are dropping by, and they're starting to stress out.some people who might have worked in agencies stuff is kind of like either they're shutting down, or they lost their job, so a lot of people are starting to think about what can I do right now? how can I bring in money?

taking care of myself, my family and siblings, I need to make some extra income. on today's article I am gonna talk about what we can do right now, all right; so let's dive in.

So, this is where we're gonna talk about how you can make money right now,  here's the situation we're all in, a new situation; a situation that we never been in before, and that situation creates a lot of new problems - new opportunities - that we don't know how to deal with.

There is a big opportunity for many Freelancers, especially those working online in different fields;  I believe many new industries will move their business to the digital world, Some industries may already be in the digital world but it will get more engaging hereafter.It depends on regions, For instance: In some locations, the grocery buying, medicine buying, live coaching, etc.. are 100 % local/physical till date and soon or later They will be in digital platforms.

All companies have a domain in the digital field just by having a website where they can offer their services or products. As for the virus, many of these companies regularly follow as far as I know because they have the shipping system for their products like Amazon, supermarkets, etc. The truth is this whole situation is strange because I had never experienced anything similar that would put my life at risk just by going out to buy supplies.

Problem-solving businesses/firms/Freelancers will grow as to help companies develop a strategy of coexistence with this new - if we would say- situation and basically grow as well, one example of these are Graphic Designers & UI UX designers; more companies will head to creating their websites/online platforms/Ecom websites and this will demand more and more Designers out there, which will create a lot of new prospects for Online workers up there.

Good vibes of this pandemic are

on and on, google Adsense is accepting new websites in this period of COVID-19; Its more and more accepting new people/companies but taking a little bit longer than usual. Depends on your content, I urge people working online or want to benefit from Google Adsense to submit their application for Adsense; just keep in mind to have a content that is genuinely yours and don’t copy others.

Sure COVID-19 has devastated the world's economy. But there are plenty of good vibes as well, for example:

  • Decrees in global warming
  • Lack of smoke pollution
  • Lack of voice pollution
  • Improvement in Ozone Layer
  • Stars look brighter at night
  • Sky looks cleaner
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