#Why_I see_you_in_everything #لماذا_أراك_في_كل_شيء

Palestine is not only "gone" from Google Maps — it's not on Apple Maps either, but The hashtag #FreePalestine also began trending on social media again after several tweets about the nation's omission from mapping services gained traction online.

Now, many public figures and users across multiple platforms are questioning Google and Apple's decisions to "remove" Palestine from their services.

Palestine google maps is a real issue that needs to be settled really soon because it'll inspire people to revolt against Google Maps, they might boycott the mother company Google.

A bunch of designers in a Facebook group called “designers union"had launched a campaign to show the world that Palestine exists and to tell the real reason Why Has Palestine Been Removed From Google Maps in 2020.

#Why_I see_you_in_everything, in Arabic #لماذا_أراك_في_كل_شيء

Is the name of the campaign using the following hashtags; 



The idea was to create beautiful art that shows the Palestine Map in its original copy as one country named Palestine, whether using real photography stock Images or designing them from scratch.

#Why_I see_you_in_everything campaign may / will change some mindsets; especially those of some Arab citizens that were born after the colonization of Palestine, or at least contribute to publicizing the case internationally to those who know nothing about it.

I’ve chosen the best designs, that really blown my mind away, the designer signature is included in his / her picture.

#Why_I see_you_in_everything #لماذا_أراك_في_كل_شيء #Why_I see_you_in_everything     #لماذا_أراك_في_كل_شيء Reviewed by Hassan Designz on August 04, 2020 Rating: 5

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